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Why Cleanse

If you… 


  • Feel tired, sluggish and heavy
  • Feel bloated, especially after eating
  • Have stubborn pounds to lose
  • Have trouble sleeping soundly
  • Have trouble getting up in the morning
  • Have a foggy mind and mood swings
  • Have problematic skin
  • Tend to get sick regularly or catch colds each year?
  • Have been told by your doctor you need to lower your cholesterol
  • Have been told by your doctor you need to change your eating habits
  • Know deep down that you need to make some changes


…then a cleanse could be just what you need to get you back on track and help you be your optimal self!


Even those of us that eat a healthy diet can benefit from cleansing once in a while. In our society today there are toxins everywhere from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. 


Cleansing, by eliminating toxic and trigger foods, and then simplifying the diet with plenty of water, fresh vegetable juices and light cleansing foods gives our body and digestive system the break it needs. We allow our body to heal, to revitalize itself and restore its natural balance. 


Cleansing helps to:

  • remove and neutralize toxins
  • ease digestion giving the body more energy to restore its balance
  • alkalize the body (disease forms in an overly acidic body)
  • combat cravings
  • kick start a new healthy regime


The reward of a successful cleanse is an overall feeling of increased vitality and well-being. When we are not expending as much energy on digesting food we feel more awake and energized throughout the day. Our skin and complexion has more glow to it due to the increased water and nutrients and we feel lighter and leaner.


A healthy diet goes a long way in creating the vibrant life we all desire.  


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For More Information:



Date & Thyme

829 Fleming St, Key West

(Corner of Fleming and Margaret)



Charlie Wilson

305 587 9143




Charlie Wilson

Charlie is the founder of Date & Thyme (formerly Help Yourself Organic Cafe, Juice Bar and Market in Key West Florida. Charlie is a trained whole foods chef and has studied food, nutrition and healing at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York. 

Celine Peccatte

Celine has studied yoga, meditation, and food as a healing path for over a decade.  She is passionate about teaching yoga and meditation, and guiding cleanses that nourish one's body, heart, and soul.

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