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January 2016 12 Day Detox


January 18 - 29th 2016



Detox the body, create simple healthy


eating habits and be your optimal self!



Join us in this fully guided and supported program to help you Help Yourself through diet and lifestyle choices!



1. Get Ready

2. Cleanse

3. Fresh Start


This program is for you if you:

Are looking for a reboot in your eating habits

Have excess weight to lose 

Feel tired and sluggish

Need a wellness plan to support a healthy lifestyle

Tried multiple different diets with limited success

Know you need to make some changes in your diet but…

…don’t know where to start

…or just can’t seem to make it happen 

Why this program?

We are inviting you to say YES to YOUR LIFE.

YES to making lasting changes in your diet. 

YES to putting yourself first. 

YES to living to your fullest potential. 

YES to feeling and looking your greatest. 

YES to Helping Yourself. 

Together we will be gently cleansing the body with plant based foods to aid the removal of toxins AND focusing on how to set yourself up to make sustainable changes that stretch beyond this program. 


You will be guided and supported throughout this program. We will be providing you with all the information and tools you need to successfully complete the cleanse and create lasting changes in your diet and lifestyle.

What to Expect


Remember you will be guided and supported throughout this program. We will be providing you with all the information and tools you need to successfully complete this program and create lasting changes in your diet and lifestyle. 


Get Ready


During this first phase you will start to prepare your body, your mind and your home to accommodate the cleanse. You will gradually eliminate the trigger foods (coffee, alcohol, sugar, gluten, meat, dairy and processed foods) and experiment with healthier alternatives.  It is important not to put your body into a shock by quitting and changing everything all at once. You will be easing into the cleanse at a pace that works for you.




During phase two we will be eating simple and cleansing foods to ease digestion and assist the removal of toxins. Fresh fruits and vegetables are your main ingredients this week.


Fresh Start


Finally we will be setting the foundation for new healthy eating habits.  Mindfully reintroducing foods using combinations that are easy on the digestive system and learning healthy alternatives to foods you enjoy.



 Are you ready to Help Yourself?

Wholistic Approach for Lasting Changes


Nourishment is not just about the physical body, it encompasses our WHOLE being: 


Body, Mind and Soul



Nourishing foods for the body - fresh, organic, whole foods

Nourishing thoughts for the mind

Nourishing activities for the soul 


By taking a wholistic approach we give ourselves the best chance for longterm success.  During each part of the program we will incorporate simple techniques and reminders to help you nourish your mind and soul as well as your body. 

Next Group Program 

January 18th - 29th

For More Information:



Date & Thyme

829 Fleming St, Key West

(Corner of Fleming and Margaret)



Charlie Wilson

305 587 9143




Charlie Wilson

Charlie is the founder of Date & Thyme (formerly Help Yourself Organic Cafe, Juice Bar and Market in Key West Florida. Charlie is a trained whole foods chef and has studied food, nutrition and healing at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York. 

Celine Peccatte

Celine has studied yoga, meditation, and food as a healing path for over a decade.  She is passionate about teaching yoga and meditation, and guiding cleanses that nourish one's body, heart, and soul.

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